Cracked Truss Rod Nut

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  1. I was essentially gifted a custom bass a few months ago and have recently discovered that the nut on the truss rod is cracked. There's literally a crack running from top to bottom the length of the nut, making it impossible to adjust. I believe that it's a dual action rod, and, from reading online, it sounds as though you can't remove the nut and replace it like you would with a nut on an old Fender.

    It's a great sounding bass and has become my main player, but I'm really not interested in having the entire neck taken apart and a new truss rod installed. Looking for suggestions on how you might attempt to fix something like this. I can post pics tonight if anyone thinks they need to see the crack before making suggestions.

    Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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    If it is indeed a dual action rod, you should be able to clamp the neck straight, adjust the rod so there is no tension on it, and pull it out. The replacement will just slide in. How you go about adjusting it to relieve the tension is the trick, try an oversize tool.
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  3. Ah, cool. I was getting the vibe that the entire fretboard would have to be removed, which was more of an investment than I was wanting to make. Thusly wondering if the nut could be somehow repaired. I'll take it to a local tech and have him take a look, shouldn't be horrible if it just pulls out.