Cradle of Filth?

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  1. Hello?

    Hey...Mods...if this is in the wrong forum,sorry...


    Anyone ever heard of the band called Cradle of Filth

    I think they're amazing so far...I listened to 3songs by them:

    From Cradle To Enslave
    Lord Abortion
    Black Metal

    I suggest you download one of them if you haven't heard of them...they're sweet.

    Well...has anyone got any good songs for me other then the 3 up there from CoF?

    Cradle of Filth...Discuss:)

  2. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Kings Bay, GA
    oh yeah, big fan of CoF here. Robin Eaglestone and Nick Barker (smokin' drummer!) are no longer around with the band, and they were my fave two guys, so i haven't kept up much in past year or so, and i have yet to get the new album, but all of their other stuff rocks. cool stuff. nick barker, by the way, is playing with dimmu borgir.
  3. Thanks for the song SMASH,downloading it right now...:p

    Man...that sucks that they broke up...

    I downlaoded the From Cradle to Enslave video(uncensored:eek: ) and it was crazy...but I really liked the keyboardist...he had this stern look on his face while he got two hammers and bashed at the keys:)

    very cool,IMO

  4. neptoon


    Jul 25, 2000
    Kings Bay, GA
    yeah, that guy, lester smith (keyboardist) isn't playing with CoF anymore either. he gets his hammer on in that video, though, eh? :D
  5. thrash_jazz


    Jan 11, 2002
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    Artist: JAF Basses, Circle K Strings
    Saw them live once myself. Really good, entertaining show.

    Myself I only really like one of their albums - "Midian". The rest just didn't do it for me, and I thought "Bitter Suites to Succubi" was just a rushed and overall poor album.

    My favourite song by them has gotta be "Death Magick For Adepts"

    CoF is probably the most popular "underground" metal band there is, enough so for them to sign with Sony anyway...
  6. Stephen S

    Stephen S Member

    Apr 10, 2002
    San Bernardino, CA
    I saw them live July 5th at ozzfest, I loved it until I was knocked unconcious half way through Lord Abortion. It is my favorite song by them too, it was an honor:D
  7. Yeah...yah told me about the story:)

    I'm listening to Beneath The Howling Stars as I type...

    they have that midevilness like Iron Maiden,but the heavy metalness and awsome keyboards...great sound.

    I tryed to learn some of his stuff he plays on keyboard:rolleyes: :p

  8. Awesome band, and their new album is my favorite album released this year (so far).

    Some more songs you could check out: Her Ghost in the Fog, Dusk and Her Embrace, Hurt and Virtue, Hallowed be thy Name and Fear of the Dark (both Iron Maiden covers). Those are probably my fave CoF songs.
  9. Thanks...

    Anyone see the From Cradle to Enslave music video(uncensored) ?! aww is crazy! :eek: I liked it though:) better then the usual crap performance video

  10. Black Metal is a cover of the infamous Venom song. A horrible cover in my opinion, the band has decent skills but doesn't cut it in my eyes. Go listen to some Gov't Mule!:)
  11. cradle of filth are kind of the "diet pepsi" of extreme metal. Everything from cruelty & the beast on back is perfectly listenable though. Their live shows are nutz. Other bands you may like...

    Anorexia Nervosa - any album
    Borknagar - empiricism
    Emperor - start with prometheus or equilibrium if you're just getting into extreme metal
    Immortal - sons of northern darkness

    oh gosh there are so many, those should be easy to find though :)
  12. I agree but from his post he seemed to just be getting into black-ish metal. Most people don't dig the necro sounding stuff the first time they hear it haha. Too many good bands are callin it quits and not enough new bands are stepping up to the plate. I just wish Emperor would reunite for an American tour :bawl:
  13. Damned In Black is the worst Immortal album in mine and most other metalheads opinion, not the classic Immortal. DARK FULLMOON MYSTICISM LIVES ON!
  14. yay Cradle of filth, one of the few bands from the same town as me:D Anyone tried the Robin Eaglestone signature Zoot yet?? or even seen one??
  15. I might like them if Dani wasn't the worst vocalist ever ;)

    No wait, I still wouldn't. 2 cents :D
  16. Stephen S

    Stephen S Member

    Apr 10, 2002
    San Bernardino, CA
    I happen to like Dani's vocals, and thanks to everyone for posting the names of some of those black metal bands.
  17. I gotta question for all you CoFanatics...Is Dani Filth a female or male? Some guy told me s/he was a female...I have no idea:confused:
  18. dan is a man
  19. i just saw them in ozzfest. i live in mass. they put on a great show i just cant stand the singing when he's like screaming in a high pitch vocie, chip monks haveing sex. only thing i did liek was osme of the fans are *******'s. there was a guy so drunk he could stand up and the kept picking him up and pushing him in the pitt kicking and punching him every time he fell. o yeah so girl liek cut both her wrist and started giveing the metal horn's. i thought manson had werid fans, or slayer .
  20. Atshen


    Mar 13, 2003
    Grim Cold Québec
    Yup, quite entertaining. Mmm, naked chicks...

    IMO, this is true black metal. Raw and harsh, no wussy female vocals or crappy keys, like all those COF wannabes... Nothing against COF, though!

    BTW, Borknagar is definitely one of my favorite bands.