Craigslist baffles me!

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  1. I have posted almost 15 ads the past 3 years looking for people to jam some roots/folk music with to no avail. Not that things didnt work out i mean almost no responses!

    So on saturday i posted another one thinking i was doing it in vain! Post read about the same as most of the ones before. Only thing different was i included a photo of my upright. Not a photo of me and the bass just the bass. Since then i have gotten 10 emails. And had 2 auditions already.

    So what gives? Are people that image driven? Did they not belive i really had an upright in my other post? I dont get it.

    I am now in the middle of something i never would of thought possible! Being in demand. And the most amazing part none of them seem to be conserned by my admitted lack of experiance and skill. Heck the one guy said he's been looking for anyone with a heart beat and a upright! (That makes me feel good about my self)LOL

    Now when i chose bass as my first and only instrument people always joked that a good bass player always has musicians knocking at the door. Then when i found my passion for folk/roots/ and so forth people told me i be lucky to find anyone else who liked that music. And now here i am.

    Rant over!
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    Many people have their craigslist searches set to ONLY show posts with images. So never post again without one, even if it has nothing to do with the post.
  3. Really? I never new that!! I always post with images when i sell somthing but this is the first wanted or musician post i have ever made with an image.
  4. two fingers

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    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    Many forget they have it set that way. Once I posted in a local news forum and got no responses. When I put a pic of a cartoon kitten (my kid picked it and it had nothing to do with the post) I got flooded with emails.
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    Jul 13, 2008
    Post sound clips if possible. I live in Boston and there could be 300 musician wanted/available ads in a day sometimes. The clips help get to the heart of the matter faster.
  6. Dont have any way to record good audio right now. But ill keep that in mind!