SOLD Crate 4x12 Cabs - Custom US Made

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    Okay, not some of the usual fare you see up on TB, but right up the alley if you want the classic rock look and sound. I've used these in studio and live, and they deliver a tight, articulate bass tone. Are you getting massive lows? No, but they'll nail plenty of classic rock bass tone, and pair great with a 100w head!

    Up for sale are two custom made Crate 4x12 cabinets, built in 1999 for Kid Rock. Built by St. Louis Music (SLM) in the US using UK made Celestion Vintage 30s (Celestion moved production of V30s to China in 2002/2003). Signed on the inside "Bob Friedewald 12/28/99" and "Custom Built For 'Pimp of Nation' Kid Rock", these cabs are wrapped in white tolex and feature star spangled banner grill cloths. Gold Crate logos are included, though not installed on the front of the cabs. Rated at 120w each, the cabinets feature stereo wiring, and can be used at either 4, 8, or 16 ohms. Cab one is serial KIDDM10001 and cab two is serial ROCKM10002. These cabs feature solid baltic birch plywood, and a full wood back panel (no MDF). Condition is fair. While in my ownership they have been rarely used, played live only 3 times, but there was wear on the cabs when I purchased them from previous tours, namely some small burn marks on the top of cab #1 (looks like embers landed on it), and discoloration from where rubber feet from amplifiers reacted with the white tolex. Nothing noticeable over a few feet away. Cabs are fully functional, no rattles or coil rub from speakers.

    Also included is a custom made dual 4x12 road case, which is what the cabs lived in side by side while on tour with Kid Rock, and remained in while stored at SIR here in LA. Features cargo sticker from arrival at LAX, blue exterior, easy rolling casters, and full foam lining.

    Price drop! $900 OBO, local pickup only for pretty obvious reasons. If you're local and want to try before you buy, they can be set up in my home studio.

    2018-11-02 16.49.46.jpg 2020-04-23 08.06.47.jpg 2020-04-23 07.52.11.jpg 2020-04-23 07.54.09.jpg 2020-04-23 07.54.01.jpg 2020-04-23 07.54.03.jpg 2020-04-23 07.58.17.jpg 2020-04-23 07.55.08.jpg 2020-04-23 07.57.08.jpg 2020-04-23 07.57.22.jpg 2020-04-23 07.57.52.jpg 2020-04-23 07.53.53.jpg 2020-04-23 08.04.17.jpg 2020-04-23 08.04.23.jpg 2020-04-23 08.05.16.jpg Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 10.08.44 AM.png
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    Those are awesome! Make America Crate Again.
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    Well played. And, yes, these are spectacular.
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