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Crazy 2 weeks

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by jondog, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    I've had a crazy 2 weeks of band mgmt and performance and I want to tell somebody so here you go . . .

    2 weeks ago my guitarist was playing Tarzan swinging on a vine when he fell and smashed his knee on a rock (no he is not a child, he is 30). He went to the hospital and they stitched it up but he had to go back a couple days later when it got infected w/ "an unexpected organism." He spent over a week in the hospital and had to have surgery etc. and he's ok now but it really messed w/ the band schedule . . .

    Last weekend our guitar sub was able to help on short notice. This weekend we had 3 dates, Thurs, Fri, Sat. I could not get anyone for Thurs. and had to cancel. This killed me because it's a dream gig (huge stage and PA, 3 engineers, etc.) and I hate it when the venue cancels on me. It's the 1st gig I've had to cancel in 4 years. The manager was cool about it, but went and canceled our other date there this month w/ a vague promise of future dates. Sigh. Friday night I couldn't get the regular sub so we went w/ the 3rd string sub on no rehearsal. Considering the lack of rehearsal, the gig went very well but of course it was stressful. Then last night we show up and start setting up. The owner comes up and it turns out we've been double booked against a radio station promo that is giving away a Harley. We didn't have expensive swag to give away, so we lost. The owner felt bad and bought us some drinks and promised 3 future dates when I call his mgr. tomorrow, but I'll believe it when it happens. I still had to pay the engineer and sub drummer partial fees. Also this week, a regular venue cancelled a date next month because it's too close to the date this month. OK, but why did you book it in the first place? The calendar looks the same now as it did then!

    This was supposed to be a weekend that got our new sub drummer all locked in -- we were to have 3 dates w/ him in a row, playing the same sets each time, so he would have them down cold. I couldn't even use him on the 1 night that happened because he and the 3rd string guitar sub don't know all the same songs. What a mess . . . at least it's all over now.