Crazy ? Line out, line in with 2 Trace Elliot AH500X amps

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    Hello All,

    I'm considering adding a second Trace Elliot AH500X amp (and a second 1048 and 1528) to essentially double my stuff, well, because I can, and I'm nuts. My idea is to leave my current rig as is (AH500X into a 4x10 1048 and 2x15 1528), and then buy a second AH500X drive to drive another 1048 and 1528.

    My question is: Can I run the line out of amp 1 into the line in on amp 2 and use the single preamp of amp 1 to drive amp 2? I believe I can, but I thought I'd run it by everyone before pulling the trigger. I've thought about buying an A/B splitter, but if I could do it this way, it would simplify the setup and I wouldn't have to configure two different preamps (I guess I could always do that and eq one to sound differently at some point).

    On a slightly more insane note, is it (at least hypothetically) possible to do this ad infinitum - to go line out of one amp to line in of a second then line out of the second to line in of the third then from line out of the third to line in of the fourth and on and on, driving all amps with the preamp of the first?

    Just wondering, and THANKS!
  2. Crazy for anything but drone doom.

    But fun.

    It would work for one piggyback, the next one wouldn't have signal at line out unless it actually has a link out like a plain poweramp.

    I'm assuming yours is standard SMX style, the fx send is parallel with a blend.
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