Cream "Strange Brew" dots

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  1. Jack played this bass line on Lawdy Mama version 2. first. I guess he was upset about the way Felix Pappalardi put it in his new arrangement for Strange Brew. He thought it didn't work for the new tune but I think it sounds fine. On the second page of my transcription where Clapton starts his guitar solo, Jack pulls of some hefty whole tone bends. This is done best by bending up to E from the 10th fret of the E string. Another bend up to D from the 8th fret of the E string and releasing back to C. One more bend up to A from the 10th fret of the A string and releasing back to G. A short scale bass helps pull this off.
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    Sep 14, 2006
    Nice work-I've got my own that I did about 25 years ago from DG.

    In regards to folks learning to read, transcribe and develop their ears while learning great music, Jack Bruce's work is fun and relatively simple.

    BTW-"simple" does not mean "easy!"