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    We have a BUSY summer coming up and for once, we have a LARGE amount of shows booked as of today with more coming. I would like to create a post card (probably a 4" x 7" card) that is two sided - showing the name of my band on the front and the show schedule through August on the back. These will be handed out during many of the festivals/shows we do this Summer.

    I am looking for a website that possibly offers a simple "creation" template where I can just upload some pictures and plug in the text. I am also trying to figure out what these post card hand-outs are really called - is there a buzz word? My brain is pretty fried from work, please help!:help:
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    If you have MS Office with the MS Publisher program, you should be able to use any of their presets. If you don't have, but are interested in getting something you can modify on the fly, you can do the same in Word once the setup is done.

    Or - PM me. I might be able to help you out if it's something simple.
  3. Google Vistaprint
    Lots of promo stuff they can do for decent price (cheep)
    My old band did something similar that we could fold in half and place on all the tables in the clubs we used to play. Band logo / picture /websites / etc.
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    Photo printer websites (like are loaded with templates for DIY cards. Fill in the blanks, click, click, click and it shows up in your mailbox in a couple days.

    But you'll be happier in the long run if you design the whole thing yourself, throw it on a USB stick and bring it down to your local photo/print shop.

    If you don't already have Photoshop and want something similar but free, try Gimp. You can probably learn Gimp and design your first postcard in the time it'll take you to wade through all the baby/wedding related templates on those other sites.
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    +1, check Vistaprint. It's worth a look. Easy to design stuff on their website, and great prices.