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  1. hansmoleman


    Jan 12, 2014

    UPDATE: Currently my second attempt in the link!

    I've just joined the forum to learn more about bass, I've been playing since October roughly and the next step I see is making my own basslines to give me something more interesting to play (and I hate learning from tabs!).

    Here's a very rough attempt I made today and was wondering if it was musically correct? Timings a little inconsistent etc. etc. but I'm most concerned whether notes are good and I'm not confident yet with my own knowledge but I think they're okay.

    Song is Bowie - Young Americans

    Chords are C Dm F G
    Notes I hit are:
    C (low)F (low)G D F A
    D A E G
    F G A#
    G A C

    Each line represents new chord. I can't exactly remember the order after the first line as its was done of the cuff, but the first line I thought out.

    Sorry if it's impossible to answer this, any help is appreciated.

    Also should just mention I love the forum!
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    Not too bad, man. Some advice is have is try and be a little more simple rhythmicly when you're testing out note choices. All that syncopation (mixed with the timing issues you mentioned) are a little distracting and with rhythmic simplicity you'll be able to hear your own clams more easily.

    That being said I could completely hear what you were going for and it's a cool line.
  3. hansmoleman


    Jan 12, 2014
    Hey cheers for the feedback!

    This is my new attempt, it's similar notes but a little tidier I think if anyone wants to check it out.