Crest VS series power amps

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  1. Has anyone ever used or owned one of these? I am considering a Vs900 or Vs1100. They seem to be well made and have damping factors of >1000. Is it a bad idea to buy a used power amp?

    Also, I was wondering if anyone has ever plugged directly into a power amp. I run my amp pretty flat as it is, and wondered if this would work. Maybe throw a graphic EQ pedal inbetween.

    Thanks for your opinions.
  2. Speedbird

    Speedbird Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2000
    Northern Virginia
    -Crest amps ARE "top shelf", very high quality & reliable, they would be a good candidate for a used purchase. I would try to buy from a dealer who offered some kind of warranty to be safe. Their web-site is quite good ( it also has a list of dealers as well a references of clients, like Madison Square Gardens, Vetrans Stadium, ect.
    -I am looking at the Crest "V"'s, Crest "CA", and Halfner power amps.
    -I've tried pluging directly into the power-amp section of my combo and have had no major problems. However, even my 18v Bartolini onboard-preamp couldn't push my peavy past 1/3 power. But, all power-amps have different sensitivities so mabye Peavy is on the low side? I've also heard of impedence conflicts, I think this would apply to a passive inst.
    -I would avoid an eq pedal. One member on this board told me of a cool setup: bass > stereo rackmount compressor > poweramp > speakers. I will try this out before I buy a pre-amp since I use just the on eq on my bass.
  3. KampKomfort


    Jul 27, 2000

    I use a setup similar to the one mentioned by Speedbird (with the exception of a pedal style compressor instead of a rackmount).

    Fender P-bass with active EMG's->Trace Elliot SMX Dual compressor ->Sunn SPL7350 power amp (350W X 2)->Ampeg B1 1X12 cab + '73 Yamaha 15" cab

    I hope you can read that "flowchart". It's a strange setup, but it works. I don't use much compression, if any, but the SMX's eq knob acts as a minimalist preamp. I think it sounds would be pretty transparent with a more modern cabinet setup. My Yamaha has a really throaty sound for a 15". Good luck!


  4. Jeff Corallo

    Jeff Corallo

    May 30, 2000
    My band owns a Crest Vs900. We are using it to power the band's PA system. We've owned it for 6 months; its been very reliable.