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Cricket World Cup

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by codeine, Mar 1, 2003.

  1. Is anyone else dissapointed with the world cup?

    So far there have been 3 good games: WI v SAF, SL v WI, kenya v SL.

    Otherwise this has been very boring bar the few really good batting performances.

  2. I'm pretty P****d off at Channel Nine and its coverage. The Australia Vs Namibia wasnt shown simply because Ch 9 assumed itd be an easy win. Sure it was, but it was an amazing game, word cup records were set. I had no choice but to sit in my room and listen to it on ABC AM :mad: Not only did Australia smash a massive score, they got Namibia all out for 45, Glen Mcgrath got 7/15. And we didnt see it!

    Ripped off.....

  3. yeah merls the coverage is garbage.

    I am sure that if they had cricket on every night (not just aus games) then they would get more viewers than they do with their regular programming.
  4. Bruce Lindfield

    Bruce Lindfield Unprofessional TalkBass Contributor Gold Supporting Member In Memoriam

    Sky digital interactive in Europe has had complete coverage of every game live and you have been able to switch between different games - so I was able to switch over and see Davison of Canada get a fantastic hundred against West Indies!

    There has been a big discussion in the Lobby/Lounge!! ;)

    So currently I am watching Pakistan vs India which looks like it is bulding up to a good close match and there will be a bit of "niggle" I can imagine ;)
  5. I wish i was allowed in the lounge:bawl:

    It sucks being a student with no money, I dont even own this computer.

    That canadian century along with Symonds and lara's century have been the highlights for me.

    Vaas's hat trick from the first 3 balls was a disgusting example of the uneven games that are being played.

    I really wish those "minnows" could get better soon as i would like to see more people exposed to the game.
  6. That Pakistan vs India was a good match, possibly the best I've watched so far. There were some great batting performances. And I agree with Bruce about the Sky Digital Interactive coverage being excellent, I was able to switch over to watch Kenya beat Bangladesh to qualify for the next round :eek:. Who would have predicted that?
  7. The Pakistan India match was amazing IMO. The atmosphere is always electric between them, and Tendulkars batting is in a different class. :)

    I agree the group matches have been a little disappointing, but that will change tomorrow when England beat Australia :D Im sure it will get more interesting as it heads into the super sixes, with the 'minnows' seemingly not progressing, except Kenya.
  8. Damn right they will :D. Come on, the law of averages says they must beat them in a ODI sooner or later.....:p
  9. I sense a ittle Brit v.s Aussie trashtalking?

  10. England beat Australia?

    Well, England got thrashed in the vb series. So therefore they will more than likely get thrashed at the world cup.

    Thats my opinion anyway.:D

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