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  1. I'm looking to maybe get a Carvin BR118 and replace the stock Carvin speaker(4 ohms) with an EV speaker(8 ohms). Would there be a problem doing that because of the different impedances? Would I blow the crossover or something crazy like that?


    Why does Carvin sell their BR118 and BR410 in a stack together? The specs for each one say that the BR118 is 4 ohms and the BR 410 is 8 ohms. That doesn't make any sense to me
  2. Changing out the speaker is almost guaranteed to make the cab sound like ass.

    Carvin makes an 8 ohm version of the same speaker, that would be the way to go if you *must* have an 8 ohm version of the cab.

    That bass cab does not have a crossover (that I am aware of), so won't burn anything out swapping drivers.

    That stack is sold with a head that is capable of bi-amping. Low freq's take more power to reproduce than mid/high freq's. Also, the cabs are of different sensitivity/efficiency. They are paired together to produce a good balance between the lows and mid/highs.
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