Crossover in a pedal friendly setup.

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  1. Hey lads,

    I'm in the process of building up my pedal arsenal, just got a pedaltrain pro, have some stuff from ebay coming and continue to lurk Australia used pedals sites hoping to catch some nice stuff for decent prices.

    However after getting a MXR M80+ for a Meshuggahy tone I was surprised at how much low end I lost, I tried clean blending, eqing, isolating the pedal by itself to make sure it wasn't a weird power/cable issue thing (some noise/weird distorting was introduced but I think it's just from one spot daisy chain that I had running).

    I used to use a Boss-HM 2 ages ago without a crossover but my Warwick bass might of had a wiring issue, it never had any lows going on. Now that I've gotten used to a clean tone I can't lose that low end, it just sounds wrong...

    My budget is sub $200 AUD, I think right now my best choice is to use a Rolls device (no idea which one) and then remix using a Boss LS-2 (is there a tone suck with these things?). Can't afford a S&X (?) unless theres on used that I can ship afford with my budget.

    Cheers, Sam.
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  2. LS2 has no phase control. Even the sfx requires you to bend down and flick the switch. I am too hot and bothered right now to type it all again. Have a search on my posts. If you already have an ls2 you can add another blender to do the phase switching when it is engaged. Rolls Sx21 mini crossover ftw.
  3. I did see some of your older post but I was hoping something new would of appeared making life easier :)

    I did completely forget about phase control though...
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    Aug 3, 2005
    To fix phase issues with an LS-2 on the cheap, just stick an EHX LPB-1 (and probably many other simple boost pedals) in the loop - you should be able to pick up a used one for peanuts.
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  5. You far away from Tym's Guitars in Brissie?

    Ask him if he's got any stock of the Big Bottom.
    It's a blender essentially, but only the low end passes thru, letting the low mids to treble range cop all the effected signal saving your sub-lows free and thumpy.
    I don't own one, but I've seen bands play them, and they do the job very well.
    They pop up on gumtree every now and then.
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