Crossover Issues

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  1. Hey. I have a Peavey Firebass Head and until recently I only had one cab, so I never bothered with the crossover outs on the head. Thing is, I'm getting a 1x15 to add to my 2x10 and so I thought, hey, I'll try the crossover. So, I plugged my speaker cab into the high output of the crossover and nothing came out...I fiddled with the settings and still nothing...

    SO I guess my question is: Is my head ****ed up, or do both cabs have to be plugged in to both outs? I have no ide whats going on...
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    Sep 9, 2001
    I don't know that model but a lot of Peavey heads have a crossover built in but only a single power amp. The crossover output is at the 1v level to drive an external power amp.
  3. This answers your question. Some of the newer Peavey heads only have a single amplifier. Your cross-over function will only work if you're sending your "high" signal to a different amp and cab. On your particular head I believe that you would need a separate amplifier to drive the highs only, then the internal amplifier (on your head) would be dedicated to the lows. The cross-over will adjust the point at which the signal (the one sent to another amp) is split. You wouldn't want to go much higher then 125-135 on the cross-over if you're going into a 15. You might also want to turn off the tweeter if the cab (15) has one.
  4. Ya, thats all true, I'm a fool, sorry for disturbing you.