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  1. I wan't to install a 2 way crossover in my 2x12 - 2x6 cab. All four drivers are 8 ohms and it is currently wired to be a 4 ohm cab. Can I buy a 1.6khz @8ohm crossover to get a crossover point of 800hz with this cab?
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    May 2, 2005
    There's something wrong here. There is no way I know of that four 8 ohm drivers can be connected to get a 4 ohm cabinet. Also, if you want an 800 Hz crossover, you need to buy or build an 800 Hz crossover, not a 1.6 kHz crossover.

    Charlie Irwin
  3. I wasn't clear on my original post. My current configuration consist of the 2x12s wired in parallel full range and the 2x6s wired in parallel crossed over @3khz with a simple cap. I wish to use a 2 way crossover to keep a nominal impedance of 4 ohms. It is my understanding that a ready made crossover for an 8 ohm cab will work for a 4 ohm cab but at a different crossover point.

    I believe I am right but I want to verify that a 1.6khz 8 ohm crossover will move to 800hz in a 4ohm cab. :D
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    No, it doesn't work that way. Build a crossover from scratch, get the component values, and a tutorial on how crossovers work, here:

    and components here:
  5. Ok I can see I was way off :crying: . My theory was based on the idea that a simple first order high pass filter cap could be calculated for a 4 or 8ohm load. I can see that it is not that simple AND my thinking was backwards to top it off! (tail behind legs)...........YIPE YIPE YIPE! :meh:

    Thank for the help and links. I will roll my own. The worst part of this is I already had those links and I didn't use them before posting.