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Crossovers: Rane SAC 22 vs. BBE Max-x3

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by goodwillsidis, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. So I'm looking to get a crossover and do some biamping. Has anyone heard/ heard anything about the BBE Max-x3 Crossover... to the novice, it appears to have a lot of the same specs as the more obvious choices (Rane, Ashly, dbx) but they seem more plentiful and cheaper on ebay. Is there a good reason to get a Rane SAC 22 instead of the BBE?
  2. Get a Rane MX22. They are very cheap, very plentiful on eBay. I own two.

    They do the job.
  3. I had a Rane AC22 crossover and it was awesome. Too much stuff for a bass rig really. I agree with bgavin on the MX22.
  4. The SAC-22 is the follow-on product for the discontinued MX22 (Mojo) series. The spec sheets are virtually identical... only the price is different. Both have a lowest crossover frequency of 100 Hz.

    The AC22 is indeed a different animal... for my PA/Bass needs, the AC22 is useless: the delay is on the Lows, not the highs. When using horn load subs and stacked mains, the bass driver is already "behind" (delayed from) the Highs. A typical bass horn is 5 to 8 feet long, so the Highs would require this much delay to be in phase at the crossover frequency. At sub frequencies, this isn't an audible problem, so no big deal except for the purist...

    The one big advantage to the AC22 is the 70 Hz lowest-crossover frequency.
  5. I read in the manual that you there are a set of jumpers that you can change in order to allow you to delay the highs instead of the lows. I never checked it out though because the 4x6 cab I built was recessed enough to line up the voice coils with my woofers.
  6. The AC22 allows for jumpering delay to the High output, but the AC22B apparently does not. The "B" model has the XLR connectors, where the AC22 is pure TRS 1/4" type.

    Thanks for pointing out an important difference. I always though about the "B" model because it had built in XLR connectors. The older AC22 also has the user-changeable delay.

    The B model delay is entirely suitable for direct radiator boxes where the voice coil of the woofer is more forward (closer to audience) than the coil of a compression horn. It is not suitable for an 18" and 6" driver both mounted on the same baffle board, because the Highs (6") are already ahead of the 18" coil. Delaying the 18" (Low) even more is detrimental.
  7. Personally I'd go with a BBE MAX-X2. I tried a 4th order crossover in my rig (dbx223XL) and hated it. The BBE X2 is a 2nd order crossover and I find the -12db per octave slope of second order crossovers to be far superior in a bass rig.
  8. Ok, its been three months since this thread, has anyone tried or seen any reviews on the BBE Max crossovers?
  9. I've owned a Rane MX-22 for a couple months now and I have to say this is great deal on the used market. Very easy to use, works extremely well, low noise floor, and inexpensive on the 'Bay.

    I know these aren't the models in question but I can't see anyone doing better than the MX-22 on a bass rig.