crown bass?

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  1. anyone ever hear of this brand? i saw a "crown bass guitar" on my local cl. it is a les paul style bass. anyone know if these are playable or collectible? it looks cool, but seller did not name a price and i don't know anything about them. i wondered if they are 70's japan knock offs?
  2. this thing on? seriously? nobody?
  3. In the '60s I used to see "Crown" beatle bass knock offs. I expect they were made in Japan and weren't anything to write home about as I recall but I haven't seen one in years. The one your talking about is probably by a whole different company and much newer.
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    Crown was a cheap import brand during the 1960s. Made in Japan. They weren't as good as Matsumoku guitars.
  5. are they generally worth 2 or 3 hundred bucks? just as back ups or fun projects? i realize that's a really general question, just looking for a really general answer!
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    crown was a lower Cortez back in the late '60s
  7. Looking at the CL listing this one might be worth a hundred or so but only you can be the judge so go play it and figure out what it's worth to you. No one back in the '60s made a LP bass knock off that I can recall; I'm thinking this bass is possibly from the '80s but that's just a guess. The binding is cool.
  8. yeah, i thought it looked cool as hell, but haven't heard a response from the seller. we'll see.......thanks again!
  9. I hope you get to check it out. Keep us posted.