Crybaby 150 Q Power issues

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by DuckInAHat, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. DuckInAHat


    Aug 26, 2011
    Hello all, I've got a question for you pedal DIY'ers and electronics enthusiasts. I have searched around a bit and noticed there are a few people with similar issues but can't find a solution.

    Here it is:

    Everything is plugged in correctly,
    No battery, just standard center neg 9v wall wart,
    I get my clean signal straight through when the pedal is both off and on,
    No wah-wah :crying:

    So I got out my multimeter and screwdrivers and opened 'er up... First thing I noticed is I've got the red PCB surface mount version... So I guess theres not much that I can do if it's an inner circuitry issue...

    But I did notice the little button in the rear of the pedal doesn't appear to be getting pressed by the little rubber foot on the back. Since it's an automatic off wah, not the kind you switch manually, I believe this is an important component.
    So I checked it out with the DMM and it doesn't seem to do anything.. I mean there are 4 contacts, and the upper 2 and lower 2 are "linked" with a little white line on the PCB. Well i checked with the button down and up and in both cases the pairs were just linked straight through. Makes me think the button might send a digital pulse or something? Maybe someone has more experience with this.

    In continuing to probe my sick crybaby, I checked the barrel connector for the 9v wall wart.
    This is what i found:
    Wall wart checked at the barrel jack, not plugged into anything, -9.6V
    Barrel jack inside the pedal checked for connectivity between contacts and solder points, turned up good
    Heres the weird part
    When plugged in, I checked the solder points and measured 0.0V across the same contacts that I know work and psu that I know outputs 9.6v
    Also the hot contact is not shorted to ground

    So... Is something in the pedal draining the power instantly? but then why would that happen at the jack? Could the contact in the jack be worn down? I was able to check the outer part of the jacket connector but could it be oxidized further in? Should I contact dunlop and have them take care of it? I've had the pedal for a few years now and it's worked fine until now.

    Hoping this interests anyone who wants to help me troubleshoot it. any questions just ask, I can do pictures if necessary.

    Thanks all,
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