crybaby 535q and slash wah

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  1. my friend and dunlop facebook page suggest I should try the 535q for my bass. what are your thoughts of this wah on bass? I want lowend. dry or bass knobs on a wah please.

    searching up wahs lead me to this page of the slash wah having internal pots for bass, mid, and treble. have you guys tryed this wah on bass?

    the 105q has a low pass filter, of course. is lowpass the way to go for bass wahs or is it an alternative from band pass?
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    Nov 10, 2006
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    I have the 535Q on bass and it does sound great, however, there is some low end loss. I've never had the chance to try the Slash wah on bass, unfortunately. If you're going to use your wah for actual groove playing, stick with the 105Q, if it's more for solos and accented passages, cool tones are to be had from the 535Q.
  4. the 105Q does retain low end well and sounds good..the only complaint I really have about it is the bypass...however,if it's used in a loop pedal of some kind it doesn't matter..if you use a loop pedal with a clean blend, you could use any wah you want and dial in your clean tone with the wah sound and retain lows that way..sorry..I have no experience with the 535Q..
  5. cool im thinking about getting the 105q, glab wah pad, and cae boost line driver. from what i hear the bpost is really clean, and that's what i want, but idk if their are better or speific boosts for bass.

    thanks vegas for your answer, you're aways helpful here.