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For Sale/Trade Curly Walnut Fodera Imperial MG Shape 5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by bassballs27, Feb 23, 2021 at 2:28 PM.

  1. bassballs27

    bassballs27 Supporting Member

    Aug 12, 2002
    Ontario, CANADA
    Here we have a rather impressive Imperial that defies it specs!
    I may keep this one, but wouldn’t be opposed to a sale or trade at this time.

    Here is the newborn page:
    Curly Walnut Imperial MG 5 Bolt-on

    Highlighting some interesting traits and added details:
    -2017 build
    -Curly Walnut top
    -35” scale
    -1 and 3/4” nut width
    -19mm string spacing
    -Weighs 10.18 lbs on my Rapala Fish Scale
    -Pickup in Lincoln Goines Position which 2 and 3/16” from the bridge (Lincoln position has a slightly more lower mids as opposed to 60s which is 1 and 3/4” from the bridge. So a little less bark but more P bass like to sit nicely in the mix)
    -Nice Flatsawn Bacote Fretboard
    -Roasted Ash body (much preferred to my ears over regular ash)
    -Red oak neck for some more upper mids and a comfortable profile! :)
    -Fodera Active Preamp (3 Pots Bass, Mid, Treble) and Passive Tone knob is inside the control cavity
    -Volume knob is push / pull for active passive so you can set a different active eq and switch back to passive with the preset passive tone)
    -Original Volume know has been changed to an African Blackwood knob which was made by F-Bass (Sorry but I don't have the original knob from Fodera)
    -Condition is very good, some marks on the front of the bass that look worse in light than they actually are.
    For a bass that sounds like it does of course it’s been played! This is no museum piece.
    -Ships in premium Fodera case (these are around $400USD now!)

    Asking price is $8000USD with shipping included within Canada or to the United States via FedEx Ground and payment via PayPal. International shipping possible at a premium.

    As for trades, interested in some more unique builds with nice woods! Fretted or fretless, 30” to 38” scale. 4, 5, or 6 strings! I like them all and play them all! Brands of high interest are Alleva Coppolo, Dingwall, Carl Thompson, Fodera, Wal, Hilton, Ken Lawrence, Fbass, Sadowsky, MTD, etc.

    Something I thought I'd mention that this Imperial offers that all the neck through elite models won't, you could easily get Fodera to build a fretless neck for this bass...and you'd have two styles of instruments in one bass. :)

    I've thought of adding piezo pick-ups in the bridge as well...could be a fun upgrade. Mods can easily be done but I like this bass just as it is. Thought I'd spark a vision for someone else that may take this instrument to another level if they wanted to. :)

    Enjoy the pictures...this one is a beauty!

    40241A2E-6A3F-4CAD-883D-8899393DA6A8.jpeg 7819756A-D40F-4FE6-9DA8-BAF1BD2D8357.jpeg 9C7F35E7-3EC0-468E-82E8-C00452EA0352.jpeg F79283EE-F257-4721-AB33-828C63F0E475.jpeg 7991D4FA-E511-452A-9DFD-79E22A066219.jpeg 3DC97846-3CC3-49FD-AAC9-D224FF08790F.jpeg F25547D6-DCE2-40B0-A443-881FE657F235.jpeg 1E4E564F-34DA-4EB1-8D64-393A9916387A.jpeg 89298D2C-D438-479D-9FD0-DF5AD30483B6.jpeg 98AEFCD7-2D61-4FAA-8D98-2F02EFE194ED.jpeg CF4BA666-0499-4E44-BBFE-86F357FCAF00.jpeg 7A99B289-25ED-4E9D-BD85-3D0DD7015BDD.jpeg 6169D3D3-9934-4A95-8F75-F77B4582A520.jpeg 3F432F5F-1B4E-49AA-8486-FCFD639C42B5.jpeg A0ADC84B-2609-45AB-9CD5-AA8190D55863.jpeg B953DBB2-A9F6-43AD-8214-4F87FAD67D1A.jpeg 0033E01E-F069-40D4-9C58-19E67741E63C.jpeg BA98DF17-5DCF-4E07-8DCE-E8B9B105A57A.jpeg 611976C6-BDC4-4F6C-A92A-EDD0B503D466.jpeg 08F8FD64-F932-43F5-957C-2B4BFBEAE237.jpeg
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2021 at 10:17 AM
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  2. sfbabali


    May 11, 2009
    That 12th fret!!!
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  3. dave64o

    dave64o Talkbass Top 10 all time lowest talent/gear ratio! Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2000
    Southern NJ
    WOW, indeed! :drool:
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