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  1. Hi,

    It's a little slow at work so I was able to take a vacation day and go play a corporate gig with my band, without the "chick" singer since she is on vacation. Originally the client wanted her but she explained that the band can get along fine without her and we'd kill it, which we did. :smug:

    We played for a company called Arbonne, a large cosmetics company based in Orange County. I think their big product is a "miracle" anti-aging cream.


    This was a lunchtime affair and I arrived a little before 9:30am to load in and sound check. The sound crew was ready to go and the drummer was already there and set up. It was catered and tented in the parking lot.


    It was kind of a small stage but we fit everybody on there.


    It was a little messy "backstage" but no one paid any attention.


    As usual on these types if gigs, you have to be flexible. About the time were were originally supposed to start playing, we were told that we would start an hour later. We were supposed to be done by 1:15 but they asked if we could play until 1:30. We kindly obliged. ;)

    Here's the band, minus the bass player, in our "hurry up and wait" mode. :D


    We eventually got started and the crowd really enjoyed us. They actually put down their forks and applauded for songs like "Black Water", "Rock This Town", "Amie", and "Cruise".


    We played about 40 minutes and then the CEO got up and spoke, introducing various employees and congratulating them for their outstanding achievements.


    I sang one more song and then the line dance lessons started. We had a couple that we've worked with before teach the crowd a couple of line dances. The cool thing about a cosmetics company is that 90% of the employees are women, most of them are quite lovely. Here you see Amos and Rachel leading the line dance.




    After a couple of line dances we played two more songs and we were done. Everybody had to go back to work. The event organizer was gushing at us. I told her I'm glad we could help make her look good. The CEO was very complimentary about the whole shindig, the catering, the band, etc. Overall it was a great excuse to take a day off work. The worse thing about the gig was driving during the rush hour traffic to and from South Orange County. Oh well.

    How do you get a musician to complain? Get him a gig! :D

    One more picture. This sound crew has worked with the band before on other events and did a fine job.


    This was my only gig this week. Next week we've got 7 gigs in 6 days. Plus I've got my day job to go to. It's gonna be a long one. :p

    Break a leg!

    Thank you for your indulgence,


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    Congratulations - looks like a fun day and a great gig!
  3. walterw

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    Feb 20, 2009
    line dance lessons as part of the show package? brilliant!

    (also, we have here the dictionary definition of "s**t-eating grin" by the guitar player :))
  4. elgecko


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    You play some sweet gigs bro. I salute you!
  5. Hi,

    Thanks! They even fed us lunch, BBQ chicken and beef, pulled pork, salmon, roasted veggies, new potatoes, salad, and desert. It was a sweet deal.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

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    Ha, yes! Corporate gigs for cosmetics companies are definitely more fun than for, say, septic system installation companies.
  7. oerk


    Oct 16, 2009
    THAT'S small?

    THAT'S messy?

    ( ;) cool gig!)
  8. Hi,

    Ha! :p

    Believe it or not, I once played a gig for a porta-potty company picnic. By my observations you are correct, sir. ;)

    True, we've all played on smaller stages. I guess I've been spoiled lately. Oops.gif

    So that's not too big of a mess? Cool. Most of the time we try to hide all the cases and gig bags. For some reason we just let it all hang out yesterday. icon_%20banana.gif hat1.gif woohoo.gif

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I hope you don't mind me sharing my fun. I'd love to see your gig pics and stories. Break a leg!

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  9. jaywa


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    Looks like a great time. Can I ask, how much you (personally) pocketed from that job? It's a cosmetics company in So Cal so I have to assume they had a pretty big budget for this thing. And judging by the cars in the parking lot, their employees aren't exactly living hand to mouth. I assume they made it worth your while since everyone in your band presumably had to take a day off work to play it.

    If you don't want to disclose your pay (or just want to say how much the band got), that's fine too. Just curious what a good band in your part of the world gets for a higher end corporate gig these days. (FWIW... that job, here in my market, MIGHT have gotten a band $1,200 IF the band had a really good negotiator and had good "buzz" around their name. More than likely though it would be in the $800-$1,000 range because of the relatively short duration of the gig (I'm gathering from your recap that you guys actually played for only about an hour... maybe hour and a half tops?)

    Also... did the P.A. and staging come out of your band's pay, or did the client pick that up?

    And... does this happen often where your band plays gigs without the chick singer or was this a rare occurrence? Since it's her name on the band it's kind of ironic she was the only one NOT on the gig. BTW big props to her for letting you guys take the gig anyway without her. There are plenty of singers/BLs out there who would not let "their band" take a gig without them, much less promote them to the client.
  10. Hi Mr. jaywa,

    The band made at least $1500 for that gig, 3 bills each. The client also paid for the sound company, the stage, and the dance instructors. It was a package deal that our Kelly arranged with their event coordinator. I don't know the cost of the entire package. But, yes, we played less than an hour and a half. It took me longer just to drive to and from the gig.

    There's been a few times that the band has worked without Kelly. We use a different band name in those cases, "Back Road". But everybody knows we're "The Kelly Rae Band" just without Kelly. We will probably start doing more without her because she's going to want to take a little break after our busy summer season. We like to work a little more often than she does. Kelly likes the larger corporate events, private parties, larger venues, etc, and doesn't mind when we do the leaner, meaner gigs, mostly just to have our fun and keep the band tight. She treats us well and we're "her" band, more like a family. It's great when you work with people you love.

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  11. jaywa


    May 5, 2008
    Iowa City, IA
    3 bills and free BBQ to play an hour and a half for a bunch of pretty ladies... production provided... and you're home in time for dinner?

    I officially hate you.

    :spit: :D

    But seriously... Sounds like a great deal all around. Definitely worth ditching work for. Hope there are more to come for ya.
  12. elgecko


    Apr 30, 2007
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    Yup. No selling tickets, no hard sell promotion, no trying to sell more drinks, no getting home at 3 in the morning. That's gigging smart!

    ...if you ever need a sub! :D
  13. Slade N

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    thats purdy dang cool
  14. JumboJack


    Dec 31, 2007
    You had me at "free BBQ".... :D
  15. Hi,

    It seems a lot of the "western themed" parties we play have beans and BBQ. I know it sounds cliche but it's really no joke in my experience, and I've been doing this for decades.

    We played a party this past Saturday night that was fully catered with steak, salmon, fancy bacon-wrapped hors d'oeuvres, a gourmet pretzel bar, a gourmet flat bread (pizza) bar, and other high-falootin' stuff we country musicians call "jazz food". :D

    Thank you for your indulgence,

  16. Corporate gigs can be great fun and good money! My old band used to play an annual chef's award banquet at a nice hotel in downtown KC. Imagine a large banquet hall filled with professional chefs who all have a station of food to sample! We played for about 45 minutes and then we got to eat as much awesome food as we wanted while the awards were being presented. Played a little longer, got paid and packed up. I would take gigs like that all the time!
  17. Hi,

    Yes! Sounds like my kind of gig! :D

    Thank you for your indulgence,