custom bass for sale

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  1. steve-o

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    Apr 17, 2002
    my dad is selling the first bass he has built.
    it has a carvin neck.
    graphite nut
    graphite rods in the neck
    ebony fingerboard
    hipshot bridge
    4 string
    it is done in natrual (i wanted it that way)
    it is only a month old
    the company is called valhala guitars
    he is actually going to build his own stuff now
    this bass sounds awsome and plays just as good.
    all i get is compliments. "wow that looks awsome"
    it has gold hardware new strings and a hardshell case

    if you don't want this one he can build what you want.
    can build a jazz bass a p-bass with tops.
    just any body really.
    e-mail for price and pics
    even if you intrested at all please fell free to e-mail me