Custom body builder in POrtland OR?

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    I am looking for someone here in the Portland/Vancouver metro area that would be interested in building me a new body for this bass. I like the bass and it's tone. I can deal with the slightly tight string spacing. What I am having trouble with is the tiny body! I envision basically a headless Fender style bass with much better high register access so I can reach up to the 24th fret. Just want to keep it simple. Light weight Ash I think would work great as the bass is already made from Ash & I like the tone.

    Pretty much this -;-steinbacker-fretless-bass-858532/ - but Fender style instead of Rickenbacker.

    Anyone wanna take this on? Let's talk.....

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    Sep 13, 2012
    there is a bass builder in Portland named David King. I have used him to do custom work on my high end basses. He works out of his home and his prices are reasonable. Google him.