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    Rhode Island
    I've got a sweet Squier-II (Samick factory, Korea) Maple neck on a glossy-black, Agathis Vintage-Modified body (bass is set up passive as that model is supposed to be active), Alnico V p'ups and a Hipshot detuner (set to D below E) on the E string position. The Alnicos are clean, high output p'ups.


    I shaved down the width of a black key from a piano and installed it as a thumbrest...
    It's a snappy axe with excellent playability and a compelling voice. Could easily be considered a "Fender Killer"... yeah, I said that. :cool:

    Comes with a PRS gig bag.

    Thanks for your time.

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    What’s the neck width at the nut? Shallow or deep profile on the neck? Thanks!!!
  3. The nut comes in just inside the line at 1 5/8". Seems to be a shallow profile, best I can eye it with my Stanley tape is right under 7/8" deep at the 12th fret.
  4. Still up, will look at trade-involved deals for a Thunderbird, or a 5 string (5 str fretless would be a def interest).
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