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  1. I have always loved the sound and feel of a Fender Precision bass, especially when played fingerstyle, with flatwound strings. In setting out to create an instrument that would do this extremely well, I collected my favorite parts and pieces over the past couple years. I finished constructing/assembling this bass this past spring. My goal was create a bass with both warmth and clarity, for it to be supple in feel, quick to play and have a strong, deep sound. I believe I achieved that. Here are the specs:

    * The body is one piece of solid alder, finished in gloss natural (4 pounds and 13 ounces)
    * The neck is Flamed Maple, with an Indian Rosewood fingerboard, 1 1/2" neck width at the nut, Corian nut, smaller vintage-style frets and Mother-of-Pearl dots
    * Hipshot American Classic tuners with Oval (Lollipop) keys
    * Lindy Fralin standard P-Bass pickup set (not over-wound or under-wound)
    * Gotoh 201 bridge
    * Multi-laminate Tortoiseshell pickguard (Tortoise/White/Black/White)
    * CTS 250K potentiometers
    * Switchcraft jack
    * Vintage Russian military paper in oil capacitor .047
    * Cloth-insulated wire
    * Fully shielded with copper tape
    * Thomastik JF344 Nickel Flatwound strings
    * Total weight (with strings): 9 lbs. 8 oz.

    Here is a link to a large number of pictures (with more available if interested):

    This bass is in, well, essentially, new condition. It has not been taken out of my home since it was constructed and set-up. The back of the neck has been de-glossed (as seen in the last few pictures) and is very comfortable. I can ship this bass in either a hard shell rectangular case (seen in the pictures) or in a Levy's gig bag (CM8). I was asking $1350.00, now $1000.00.

    Thanks for taking a look and please let me know if you have any questions.

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  2. Jjango


    Nov 16, 2007
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  3. I changed the url and I believe the problem has been corrected, as this album is not set up to be password protected. Please let me know if you can not see the pictures.

    Thanks for your interest.
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  5. Horny Toad

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    It still prompts for a username and password.
  6. That is odd. I am able to access the gallery from any computer I have tried by using this address:

    MobileMe Gallery

    The original address led to a sign in page and it has been replaced.

    I will try to post some additional pictures in the listing.

    I appreciate your letting me know...
  7. Horny Toad

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    You know what I did? I clicked the link quoted in post#2. My mistake. The updated link works fine. Sorry about that. :crying:
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    PM Sent
  9. Sold and shipped.

    Thanks to all that took an interest in this bass and for the many kind words...

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