Custom Elrick NJS

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  1. vanselus


    Sep 20, 2000
    Boulder, CO
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    CUSTOM Elrick made for NAMM

    Maple neck
    Maple fingerboard
    Alder body
    Cherryburst finish
    Quilted maple top
    AERO single-coils
    Demeter Preamp

    Very open and clear tone that sounds very stringy and raw when plucked hard, and sweet, open and smooth when played gently. Incredible slap sound.

    $2000 shipped.


    More pics available by email.
  2. gruuv


    Jan 23, 2004
    E-mail sent. . . should I have done a PM? (New to talk bass)
  3. mark beem

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    Jul 20, 2001
    New Hope, Alabama
    Damn, that bass is hot!! Here's a bump!!!