SOLD Custom "fenderbird" Jazz Bass PARTS KIT

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    _bird-body (3).jpg

    Price in USD includes shipping! :) Buy this nearly-complete unassembled bass guitar - looking to sell all of these brand-new parts together as a lot.

    NECK: Fender Professional Precision 63C - Official Fender American Professional Precision Bass Neck- Tinted Maple, Satin Back, and Gloss Headstock- 1963 "C" Shape- Posiflex Graphite Reinforced Support Rods- 9.5" Radius (241 mm)- 20 Narrow/Tall Frets- 34" Scale Length (864 mm)- 1.625" Width at Nut (41.3 mm)- Genuine Fender "Valentine's Day Special"

    Machine Heads: Fender Deluxe tuners set, Chrome RH (these are made to fit above neck, with the special alignment studs)

    BODY: Full-size Thunderbird - hard ash, custom-made by Michael Hilimire (just outside of Chicago). I was planning to give it a perfectly paper-smooth matte finish, to prep for my favorite artist to ink an original 'spiderbird mandala' full-body tattoo. (Entwistle tribute) But life got in the way, and now it's sitting here with only some pore-filler, and a bit of chalk-paint primer...

    PICKUPS: Humbucking J-set (neck and bridge).
    BRIDGE: Bartolini 9CBJD-L3 "Bright Classic"
    NECK: Bartolini "Quad-Coil" (NOS vintage)

    All the other bits - you will need to scrape together yourself...

    _bird-body (1).jpg _bird-body (2).jpg _bird-body (3).jpg _bird-body (4).jpg _PXL_20210506_050857261.jpg _PXL_20210506_050918488.jpg _PXL_20210506_051152496.jpg _PXL_20210506_051225376.jpg _PXL_20210506_051232876.MP.jpg _PXL_20210506_051244897.jpg _PXL_20210506_051344077.jpg _PXL_20210506_051412769.jpg eczmu8axmhwbkcvjmee1.jpg gb1t5nlmh0r2mkoekawr.jpg gtzqmrfjhrvnyellmiih.jpg i3wwfgoketslkgaufqca.jpg rgnhq85fkb2rmiivw917.jpg u8jj64cotxtlwmqllasy.jpg
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    Very cool. Wish I had the coin for this.
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