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custom fretboards 34 or 35" bubinga, zebrawood or curly maple

Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by strangedejavu, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Again, I find myself broke and have my hours cut so I am looking to sell some lumber by turning it into pre-slotted fretboards....

    All fretboards will be slotted to precisly to .023, joined and squared on all sides and sanded both sides to 1/4" thick"

    Just pick what you want and let me know:
    Wood Choices:
    Figured Buginga
    Very Straight Grained Zebrawood (only enough for two boards)
    Curly Maple

    Scale Sizes:

    Frets: up to 24 frets on 34"
    up to 28 fret slots on 35"

    These boards will come standard right around 3" but can go up to 4" for a few bucks more (Let me know what you need and we can go from there)
    All fretboards will be be flat without any radius (my personal preferance for bass boards)

    30.00 plus shipping per board or 100 plus shipping for 4

    I can also throw in some perfectly milled and sanded hardwood binding for your project (all ready to use):
    Jet Black Ebony 1/4 Wide and .060 thick 34" long (7.00 a piece)

    lightly figured curly maple 1/4 wide and .060 and 34" long (5.00 a piece)

    beautiful rosewood 1/4 wide and .060 and 34" long (7.00 a piece)

    I also have a bunch of stewmac wide and high fretwire if you need some of that too!

    Will post pictures of some of the blanks available this evening!

    here are examples of the boards I have made in the last month for people!

  2. Lee H

    Lee H

    Nov 30, 2011
    Redding CA
    I love that zebra, but I have nothing to put it on
  3. willsellout

    willsellout Supporting Member

    Aug 13, 2002
    Fort Wayne, IN
    Really wish I had the skills to do something with these...
  4. to clarify, this is 30 dollars a fretboard you do not get the full board... these are what I like to think of as my private stock boards, best I have found in years... but if you need a bigger piece for something else let me know!
  5. sale pending on the zebra wood and bubinga boards shown
  6. zebrawood and bubinga boards shown were sold....

    now have all of the curly maple above available and tons of figured bubinga... 30.00 for a slotted board in any scale shipped
  7. 4 slotted curly maple boards... 105 bucks shipped
  8. tons of curly maple left, lots of bubinga, and one birdseye maple board...
  9. okay getting low on lumber... I think in the end of shipping everything, I will have one piece of curly maple, two more zebra wood fretboards, and 4 more bubinga... the 4 bubinga I can do 100 plus actual shipping (the bubinga is super hard and the figure in it is rock solid, its killing my tools, these will be the last bubinga boards I do)

    pictures on their way!
  10. okay here is a picture of the zebra wood board available... 34" scale and 24 frets

    photo-37.jpg 27 shipped

    and here is an example of the figured bubinga that I have going right now...these boards are sold but I have enough for another handful of them

  11. I have one more piece of zebra wood not shown... I can do 50 shipped for both zebra wood boards 34" scale slotted to 24 frets
  12. I can also do the two zebrawood and two bubinga for 110 shipped!
  13. package deal lowered 2 zebra wood and 2 bubinga 105 shipped... or 25 plus shipping for any board you want...
  14. here are pics of the exact boards for grabs, someone else gets first dibs but I will update as soon as I hear back if any of the boards are gone...
  15. 105 shipped for the first 4 (bubinga also up for grabs and one more zebra wood board) and 20.00 each for any boards after the first 4!
  16. sale pending on the zebra wood, birsdseye and the middle curly maple, 1st and 4th boards in the picture above are still available in addition to a couple more bubinga boards still left...
  17. zebrawood is still available, one is 2.75" wide, the other is 3" wide
  18. 2 zebrawood boards, slotted to 34" 24 frets, 45 shipped for the pair!
  19. etherealme

    etherealme Supporting Member

    Jun 26, 2007
    Is there enough depth to re-radius these to a rounder 7.25 or even a ~9 ballpark? Really nice grain, but I can't stand flat boards. Thanks. :bassist:
  20. all but one order is shipped... still have enough for one more bubinga, two more zebra wood, and one curly maple... let me know if you are interested! 105 shipped for the remaining 4 boards slotted to 24 frets and 34" scale!

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