For Sale Custom Fretless Bass Guitar, Dark Blue Metallic by The Lord's Neck Shop

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    About the guitar - Very Clean, used fretless bass guitar. This Bass is a custom built Tele Style Bass. It comes with Fender Stainless Steel Flatwound Strings, a Polished Bone Custom Cut Nut, and a maple neck with a maple 16" radiused maple fingerboard. The bass was designed and constructed by The Lord's Neck Shop, (like us on Facebook).

    The Hardeware consists of Hipshot Lollipop Style Tuners, Hipshot Bridge, Custom Cut Control Plate, 9 VDC battery compartment.
    Electronics are Seymore Duncan SCPB-1 vintage single coil neck pick-up, Seymore Duncan SJB-1 vintage jazz bridge pick-up, master volume, master tone, EMG Afterburner - 20 DB pre-amp doubling as an active passive pull for 9 VDC active on.

    The guitar has nice low action so it plays easy. I set the guitar up for my style of playing, however, it should not be considered to be set up to suit the buyers taste. Buyer is required to have this guitar set up to get the exact action the buyer desires.

    Guitar has been played a handful of times, and a well taken care of musical instrument since construction finished in 2017. Only taken out of home to play at church.

    The guitar sustains very well.

    The guitar weighs 10.2 pounds.

    Shipping 20180818_115713.jpg 20180818_115736.jpg 20180818_115810.jpg 20180818_115841.jpg 20180818_115856.jpg 20180818_120222.jpg 20180818_120118.jpg 20180818_120010.jpg 20180818_115950.jpg 20180818_115931.jpg 20180818_115856.jpg 20180818_115841.jpg 20180818_115810.jpg 20180818_115736.jpg 20180818_115713.jpg Buyer pays shipping at cost. UPS shipping from 43004. approx. 28 pounds in cardboard package, size 51"x20"x8".
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