For Sale Custom hipshot grip lock tuning machines with extra custom buttons

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    I ordered these tuning machines for a custom guitar I was building but the project got put on hold for the time being. The tuning machines have never been mounted and are brand new!

    They are black hipshot grip locks 4x4 4 treble and 4 bass, for an 8 string guitar, or buy them for your 6 or 7 and have some backups! Two of the bass ones have been custom ordered to have a larger hole for bigger diameter baritone strings/extended range sets.

    I also purchased a set of pearled buttons for these machines in addition to some super cool custom aluminum knurled ones. The extra sets of buttons cost me over 25 each set on their own...

    Looking for 65 for the tuning machines with the stock buttons, add 16 for each additional set of buttons. These knurled aluminum ones are a custom order and take weeks to get when you can find them.

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