Custom Jaco-style fretless for TRADE

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  1. A great local luthier named Don Griner built this last year, while he was working at a high-end store called Guitar Villa. It's clearly modeled on a Jaco-type fretless, but is also just a beauty in and of itself.

    It features DiMarzio UltraJazz pickups, Scaller tuners, Warmoth or WD ash body and maple neck (I forget which, and taking the bass apart to check is beyond my skill level!), and a rosewood board.

    The bass is currently set up with tapewound strings and medium action, and sounds remarkably deep and upright-like for a Jazz bass.

    I'm looking to trade it for a multi-string FRETTED bass, or a great electric guitar.

    Or a multi-track recorder with a CD burner . . .
  2. The holes in the top of the bass are the screw-holes for the tort guard that came on the bass. I'll throw in the guard, but I think the bass looks cooler without it.
  3. Any offers?
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