For Sale Custom-made Precision Bass "Fat Finger" from Bublinga & Brass *Mounts behind headstock*

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    Years ago I had a 60s Fender P bass that had some dead spots. I thought of buying a "fat finger" to add mass and weight to the headstock, but I could not bare the idea of seeing THAT clamp. I asked my luthier to make me one that would be virtually hidden from me and from the audience and this is what he came up with.

    It's made from bubinga (lightweight, but dense) custom cut to follow the contours of the headstock and tuners. There are two places where it has been hollowed out and filled with brass that's epoxied in.

    Since this was a 60s bass, it had the strap button on the back of headstock so he made it would screw into the existing strap buttonhole. No mods needed. Genius! It also had some double-sided tape to keep it extra secure in additional spots. It will work with or without a strap button and just using some double sided tape. It weights about 4 ounces. Includes the screw. For illustration purposed, I placed in on another P without the back button, but you'll get the idea.

    Bottom line is this thing helped and most people in the audience never noticed it. That bass is long gone, but the custom fat finger remains and is now for sale. Maybe this custom one will help your bass come back from the dead.

    $45 shipped to continental U.S.
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