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Custom MB Dorian Wengé top Trade Bait for a Tube Amp

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by xhawk4, Nov 26, 2004.

  1. This bass is a slappers delight and fingerstyle for the most gracious professional. I've been playing Fenders all my career and I play somewhat harder, and I don't slap. Apparently some folks over here were very interested in this bass. It's worthy and will exceed all your expectations. There is a better bassist here that will make this bass sing much better than I will.
    So send me those trade offers. I need an All Tube amp offers, 300 watts plus, or a good Hybrid, (Aguilar DB750 or 680?)

    Bass info:
    The bass is less than a year old and I've bought it directly from the luthier. It's handmade with the best selected hardwoods available in the market but all the features have been chosen to obtain an instrument easy to play, well balanced, light and punchy sounding. I think that the result is nothing short than amazing.
    Listen to the sample! You can use standard strings. The neck is fast and the fingerboard has a low radius... one of the best neck profile ever (not a baseball bat).

    32" scale
    Ash body with Wengé top
    Wengé/Cherry/Maple neck
    Bubinga fingerboard, 24 frets
    Custom wound wood enclosed pickups
    Custom active 3-band electronics
    Wood backplates, adjustable nut
    New price: $1900.00 and 6 months of waiting.

    Builder Information:
    The builder of the bass is Massimo Scibilia. He worked for Warwick Germany for three years (he built the prototype of the new basses). He left Warwick in 2000 to start a company of his own. He came back in Italy and he started building basses with MEC and Duncan pickups but he was already looking for something different. His goal was to build an instrument that sounds for the wood it's built of, not for the pickups/eletronics it has on. He started making his own pickups. The first ones had a very low output and the MEC electronics tended to add noise to the system. If I remember well he built at least 6 different series of pickups, but the ones on this bass are the best ever. Low impedance and transparent, clear tone. No noise, I always use the electronics in flat, even in the recordings. The onboard preamp: Massimo started with standard preamps (MEC, Bartolini, Duncan, Demeter, Aguilar) but about a year or two ago he met a guy that builds valve amps, electronics etc. They started a long research and this preamp is NOT standard. It's a 3bands active circuit and every band is treated with a separate circuit. The way in which you can boost/cut a frequency is studied with extreme care. If you cut highs you don't have a sloppy sound. The neck joint is made in the same way of Wal basses: 4 bolts with threaded inserts that allow you to dismount the neck 100000 times without a trouble. This adds resonance to the instrument. The fingerboard always had a low radius. The frets are made with the best materials and they're incredibly clean and flat. This bass has a story... here in Italy there are lots of folks that just don't have their own personality on the instrument and, when they order a custom bass, they tend to order it with the same specs of a standard Fender bass :-( Massimo thought: "Do you really want Ash for your bodies when I can give you Bubinga?! Ok, let's do it... but I'll do it in my way!!". He did: the Ash bodied has got a nicest Wengé top to increase punch and to create a more articulate sound. The neck is made with Wengé/Maple/Cherry and the fingerboard is Bubinga. It sounds a bit more rounded than Ebony... and it doesn't warp etc. When he completed the bass it tested it with BEAD and ADGC strings and it always sounded huge. The 32" scale is so nice that he's actually working on a 6er with 33" scale. He wanted to prove that a Low B can sound good with a shorter scale if the bass is well built. The luthier's site is www.mbbass.com Unfortunately there isn't an English translation because the luthier isn't interested in selling outside Italy.

    I'm accepting trade offers for any all tube amp head or combo.
    Please send emails...

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  2. Taking ALL offers now. Found my tube amp. Please make offers comparable. A bass selling on here or ebay for $650 to $700 is not what I consider comparable, unless you add some cash to the deal.
    Thank you.
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  4. Shoot man. Very sorry for that. I didn't know. I'll delete it.
  5. Bumped up for ya! Still available to best $$$ offer.