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Custom Order Rickenbackers

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Humbuckler, Sep 29, 2004.

  1. Humbuckler


    Sep 29, 2004
    Out of interest, what does "custom" ordering a bass direct from Rickenbacker cost? Are they sold at the list price (assuming that the only reason for ordering the bass is it being fretless, not usually available in stores) or can you order through GC or Sam Ash and get the retail discount?

    I would've witheld my question until I was actually serious about buying one, but as my current G.A.S. indicates, I want the bass in Montezuma Brown, which will be discontinued in a few months, unless they decide to extend that color another year.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. DubDubs


    Aug 23, 2004
    Los Angeles
    Rickenbacker has a stock fretless model no need to custom order. If you can't find one at a GC or online just get GC or any other store to order one for you.
  3. Humbuckler


    Sep 29, 2004
    Thanks alot, just what I was asking for.

    I'm assuming the color's available by asking a store to order it for me. At any rate, I'll check it out at GC or Sam Ash or whatever store I get to.

    Thanks again. Money wasn't an object, but hey, who can complain when they find out the bass they want is cheaper than they expected?

    Ordering a Ric can take up to 6 to 11 months! (sometimes more for really rare models)
    You are best to try to find one somewhere that is already in stock.
    I have had a fretless Jetglo on order since March, and no sign of it comming in anytime soon. Others have waited much longer than i have.

    www.ricpage.com has one in stock right now! and i have bought 3 Rics from Mike Parks so far plus numerous other goodies. A++++ guy to deal with from my experience.

    www.pickofthericks.com also has one in stock right now and also has a very good rep.

    BTW..if you go with one of the online dealers you will probally notice its cheaper than a local store.

    And technically...Ric doesnt do "custom work" the waiting line is too long for Rics so they stick to their standard models.

    EDIT* I just noticed you wanted a fretless Monty...the above websites only had fretted..sorry. You could be in for a long wait!
  5. Humbuckler


    Sep 29, 2004
    B'Aces high, people like you are the reason I come to talkbass. I've lurked here for ages, but this is pretty much the first time i've posted. With people like you, I get what I want answered, and then some. Thanks alot.

    With that said, did you mean i should order it straight from Ric'? Or should I go through a separate seller (GC, Sam Ash, one of the sites you posted, etc.)?

    The ironic part is, even if i were to get it, I would have to get into that ethics argument with my folks-I got the SX fretless I have now in July/August, and buying another bass so soon would be frivolous and a waste of money, not to mention that the bass is not my main instrument (although I do love playing it.)

    But that's an entirely different story, none of which concerns you guys. :D

    Thanks again

    P.S. Didn't forget you dubdubs, you're still as big a help as B'Aces high :)
  6. It dont matter where you order it from, GC, Sam Ash..or any of the websites or any others the time frame will still be 6 to 11 months...there is a long wait for Rics. No matter where you order from..just be prepared to wait a long time.
    The only advantage i would say from buying from one of the websites mentioned is that it might be cheaper (providing you live in the USA)

    And thanks for the comments...we are all here to try and learn from eachother.

    By the way...show your folks a picture of a Ric...the love of Rics is contagious :D
  7. CamMcIntyre


    Jun 6, 2000
    Best of Luck finding a fretless model in stock or in the case of ordering one-hope the wait goes fast. No matter what other basses i want; some time-over the course of my bass playing life, i want to get a Rick [just a 4 string] simply because i dig how they look and the one time i played one-thought it was cool, but the feel threw me off a bit. That's all
  8. RandallFlagg

    RandallFlagg Guest

    Aug 18, 2003
    Kansas City
    I'm going to take a chance here and tell you to go to this site:
    That is Ed Roman's site. If you are in a hurry to get one, go through him. Most folks don't care for him too much (me, included), but he has a really good relationship with the folks at Rickenbacker and I have a sneaking suspicion he can get you one three times as fast as any other dealer.

    Back in 2002, I looked everywhere for a Midnight Blue 4003...No one could get one in less than 3-4 months. I visited Roman's place in Vegas. I paid - He ordered - It was waiting for me when I got home a week or so later....can't ask for more than that.....