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  1. Does anyone know any luthiers that might build me a 6 string piccilo bass(tuned an octave higher that a conventional 6)? Websites, email addresses would be appreciated. I eventually want to get one but not right away. preferably fairly "cheap".(nothing high enough that i would have to sell a lung, a kidney and a eye) thanks

  2. Hanewinckel Guitars at

    It's not advertised at the site but they'll do it. Variety of scale length options too.

    They are going to build me a 7-string piccolo when my 7-string fretless is done. I already have a 7-string fretted Hanewinckel Reactor:


    - Dave
  3. you dont suppose you cold give me a rough idea on how much a 6 string piccilo would cost, could you?
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    Mar 8, 2000
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    You'd have to ask Pete. Email him, he has a wide range of products. Get it from the horse's mouth;)