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    I got a Ibanez Mezzo 5 for christmas. I haven't played in years and this just feels like the bass for me. Neck feels great I like the sound. I am thinking about how to make it mine. One of the things I think of when I look at it is the pickguard shape and color. My first thought would be to have it extend down over the controls with a little more of a ric shape. My other thought is I have always loved block inlays. Maybe changing the PG to a black and one day getting black block inlays installed on the maple fretboard. I know this isn't an expensive top of the line bass but it feels like home to me and I want to make it as cosmetically pleasing to me as it is sonically and how it feels. What are your thoughts? What is the best way to cut PG material to make a custom shape?


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    You could use a Dremel 561 cutting bit. But if you don’t have a Dremel Tool make a paper template and send it to Pickguard Planet.
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    I've been happy with Pickguardian.
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    Router with an MDF template is probably the fastest and most accurate way to cut a pickguard at home. Or you can use a scroll saw or bandsaw, close to the line, then file to final shape and use a cabinet scraper to clean up the file marks.
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  5. Here’s one method to do it yourself. Note: use extreme caution when copying the old guard to the MDF. I believe when he starts to use the router table at that part Chris even says it’s a bit of a scary deal.

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    Dec 21, 2018
    Yeah that makes me nervous. It's easy for the bit to grab the mdf and yank it in a way that could pull you into the blade. I'd rather have the mdf/pickguard clamped down securely and a my hands up on top of a portable router where they're far away from the dangerous part!