Custom pickguard's ideas.

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  1. 12notes


    Jul 15, 2003
    Custom pickguards.

    I have JUST made several custom pickguards for my 7 guitars,

    All three ways requires the removal of the original pickguards first,To be used as a template.

    1. -- Use finger nail polish, with the colours of your choice. Brush the nail polish evenly over the original pickguards. Let it dry. Use a small pin to re-open the original screw holes.
    *You can also have the vinyl silkscreened.

    2. -- Get some vinyl, with the colour/textures of your preferences. Trace the shape of your pickguards. Cut to shape. Then, use spray adhesive
    to glue the vinyl onto of the original pickguards. Put a pile of flat, heavy stuff like books on top until the aheasive dries. Punch holes from
    the underside through the original holes positions.

    3. -- Blow up a photograph. If you use REAL PHOTOGRAPH. Use a sharp exacto knife, to seperate the emulsion layer of the picture.
    Make sure not to cause any wrinkles on the picture. Then, spray ahesive onto the pickguard. Apply the emulsion layer onto the pickguard carefully.
    Trim to shape. Put flat, heavy stuff on top to keep the pressure on, until completely dry. Then, spray a clear coat finishing on top.Punch holes from the underside through the original holes positions.
    *REAL photographs (not digital images) looks much better.

    All three methods can utilise the original screw holes.

    Have fun. And posts some wild results here. Please.

    PS- It's also an excellent time to shield the cavities while you're doing this.