Custom Slab Musicman Stingray Replacement Body. 2 piece ash

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  1. This a custom made 2 piece northern ash stingray body made by dan ransom out of san francisco. new this would be 400 plus shipping (it was 25 bucks for me and im ca as well).

    its a slab body with a side mount jack and a clear poly finish. i was going to build a bass out of this with all kinds of switching options, but realistically im not going to any time soon.

    it doesnt have neck mounting holes drilled because the neck attachment is going to vary depending on what you go with(3,4,or 6 bolt). the neck pocket is standard ray dimensions which is also standard fender neck dimensions. you could use a fender replacement neck with no problem. which type of neck you use (21 fret ray or 20 fret fender) will determine where you want to mount the bridge. i live here next to ernie ball and about 15 years ago in the local classified ads i bought an 85 stingray body with a warmoth fender neck on it so i know it works no problem.

    the battery cutout is meant to have a metal back plate as its not routed for a box. the metal back cover can be purchased through ernie ball customer service.

    in addition to the pictures of the body, im including a picture of my other ransom ray body i used to mate with a 79 stingray neck. this really does look and feel like a factory musicman body.

    id like to get 325 shipped for this. these arent like fender bodies that you can go out and get from warmoth/usa custom/all parts etc. the turnaround time was pretty long. 3-4 months.

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    Nice body! Someone should snap that baby up and slap a Status Stingray neck on it!
  3. great idea! hadnt thought of that. these really are some great sounding bodies. compared to a stingray classic, my bass with the other ransom body and the 79 neck just killed it.
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  5. feel free to make an offer! this thing is just sitting.
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