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Customer Service at alot of companies really bothers me.

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by i like tictacs, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. 1) So I had sent in my car to get repaired. It was making a noise from the butt-end. The dealer of said car says that it is a wheel problem, and you need to go to the tire/wheel dealer. Well I get there, and you guess what they said. That's the assembly, not the tires/wheels and you need to go to the dealership of said car to get it fixed. What a total scam. So I get that fixed. No more then a week later the problem starts again. They try to charge me double, I won't have it. Then they try to hook me into getting new brakes, I say no, I'll wait, thanks very much. ::DEEP BREATHS:: ::SERENITY NOW::

    2) A certain manufacturer of a certain instrument that I had been absolutely jumping with glee to get as soon as i could completely fell through on their end of the deal. I'm moving away for school for three months right after christmas. Said instrument was supposed to be delievered well before Christmas, as a 2 week wait was promised at the point in time known as "Thanksgiving." I am being very patient through this. Well I give a call, and they said that it would be delivered the past monday. Well. I sit home all day monday, and get nothing. Nothing, I wasted a day, congratulations. I call again. Some problem that doesn't need to be mentioned prevented the said instrument from even being shipped.

    My question. Why don't car dealers give straight answers, and how does something go from 'being delivered on monday' turn into 'we haven't even shipped it yet?'


    Did I just get two really unlucky things happening at once, or is lying and scamming just the ways of the real world? Keep in mind this is coming from a penny-pinching 17 year old, with a part time job and not all the money in the world.
  2. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Many salepeople are afraid of telling their client/prospect something that may upset them. Because they're afraid they may "lose the sale". I'd rather "lose the sale" by being truthful rather than try to lie my way along in the hopes of keeping it together. If you are the client or prospect...when do you want bad news? Up front. Then you can make a decision.
  3. :meh:
  4. What's so hard about giving the straight answer- I'd rather take that then be given a runaround. I could understand if they were upfront, rather then try to skirt it and not give me any hint at all.
  5. P. Aaron

    P. Aaron Supporting Member

    Just what I said. Many salespeople think: bad news=no sale!
    If delivering bad news really means no sale, I prefer hearing it, or delivering it to the client before I've invested loads of time. Many in sales are afraid of upsetting the prospect with "bad news", for fear they will leave and not purchase.
  6. Which is what is really funny in this case. He's not buying a consumer good, he's fixing his car.

    Mechinc: It looks like your differential is shot to pieces, ma'am. It's gonna take us a while to find the right one, then a day to install it. Figure, around $1500 total.

    Ma'am: That's outrageous!!! If that's what's wrong with my car, I'm not going to get it fixed!!

    I found a mechanic and a transmission shop close to each other (they share a freakin' parking lot!!) that are completely upfront about everything. I just had to have my clutch worked on today, the Master Cylinder died. I had replaced it in June. The guy looked at it, said I had been given a bad new part, very sorry, here, we'll replace it for free. And they did, in under 5 hours, too!! Aamcco is a VERY nice place.

    Rock on