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Customer Service....

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by Justice, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Justice


    May 24, 2002
    Houston TX.
    I wanted to respond to a statement in the AMPS forum with a customer service story, but it would have been off topic for the AMPS forum so I am goning to do it here.

    Now I have never had to deal with FMIC's customer service, but i have had the pleasure of dealing with Behringer's customer service. Thats right, i said pleasure. I have dealt with the a couple of times over the past few years and they have always been helpful, courteous and prompt when answering my questions. They even went so far as to setup a DDX mixer in their office and test the input gains on the stereo channels for me to see if they would work in the recording setup i was looking to build (a setup for live remote recording) Their help with this was what prompted me to go ahead and purchase the DDX3216 digital mixer for my recording rig. I have more than pleased with the mixer. and thats where this new story comes in.

    I was working on a mixdown from a recording session i had done with a local cajun band. Running from my recorder (Fostex D2424LV) to my DDX via ADAT. I had just finished the mix of one song and was listening to the next one and making some adjustments when the DDX died. It just shut off like someone pulled the power on it. After checking all of my power cables, and power strips it was determined that the DDX was infact dead. A little more investigating shows that the culprit was more than likely the Furman power conditioner that the DDX was connected to. AS i noticed at this time that my recorder (that was also connected to the same Furman) was turning itself on and off. Something it cannot do by itself (big power switch on front) So i suspect that my DDX was spiked by the faulty Furman.

    Anyway. The DDX was just over a year old and out of the original mfg warranty, but at the time I had purchased the DDX from MF i also purchased thier 1 year extended repair/replace warranty. SO I called the warranty place and reported my problem. They had me send the DDX to a local repair shop. After 4 weeks the local repair shop was unable to fix the DDX and had reccomended to the Warranty company that they replace the DDX. Now at this time the DDX has been discontinued and is almost impossible to get in the US (except either from Ebay or used) and if the warranty company could not replace the DDX they would have to give me a complete refund, which was what they were prepared to do. But that would leave me with no mixer and not enough $$ to get another one since I would not be able to get another DDX, the next closest mixer available was the Yamaha 01V96 R2 (digital mixer, i did not want another analog mixer for my recording rig)

    At this point I made a post on a newsgroup I frequent called Alt.audio.pro.live-sound relating the above information and asking advice about a possible replacement for the DDX (incase there were other digital mixers out there I was unaware of that had a similar feature set to the DDX) It was pretty much agreed that the closest was the Yamaha, only the price difference between what i paid for the DDX and the yamaha was over $2000 (with the add on cards the Yamaha would need to do 16 channels of ADAT)

    It was at this point that i was contacted by Behrigners Global Customer service manager who had seen the thread on AAPLS and said they he did not think that the local repair shop that i was told to use had the knowledge to work on the DDX and that if I could get the mixer back from them (they were told by the warranty company to dispose of it) that they would cover getting it repaired at Audio Electroncs in Dallas in cluding shipping both ways.

    So after about 2 days of arguments with the local repair shop who seemed pretty pissed that I wanted MY mixer back, (these guys turned out to be real a$$'s to deal with) and a few calls (i was the very mad, but very polite customer) to the warranty company which included escalating to managers there i managed to get the mixer back.

    At this point I called Behringers customer service and was assisted by Chris and Mark, who setup the service call with the repair shop in Dallas, provided me with an RA number and emailed me a prepaid UPS tag so all i had to do was drop the DDX off at a local UPS store. This was on the 13th of March. I arrived home yesterday to be find my repaired DDX waiting for me. I also recieved an email from the Behringer CS manager informing me that the DDX should have been on its way back to me and that not only had it been repaired, but he had them upgrade the power supply and a couple of other parts while they were in there.

    Tonight i get to setup my DDX and get back to work on my other unfinished recording projects.

    Now, THAT, my talkbass friends..is customer service.
  2. bassmonkeee


    Sep 13, 2000
    Decatur, GA
    I guess when you cut out those pesky Research & Development costs, you can afford to hire decent people for CS? :eyebrow:

    Maybe they just download pdf files from Roland, Mackie, etc for their training manual. :bag:

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