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  1. Let's hear your experiences about solving problems with the customer support people. How fast were they replies, were they useful, friendly... How often do you bug them?
    All stories are welcome.

  2. Ok. I'll start. First I must say that I never had serious problems with my gear(no weird noises, smell, rattling). My questions were always about being curious (what will happen if I do this?). H&K gives their replies most quickly (even on saturdays!) Usually they are quite short - not a bad thing really. James Demeter is also very friendly. With alembic, you have to wait long to get the reply. For them it is best if you use their forum. That's where you get all the info fast and usually from more experienced users.

    I did this more often, before I joined this forum. Now I bug you :D

    Let's hear more stories.

  3. Matthew Bryson

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    Jul 30, 2001
    When I was first starting out I sent an email to Ibanez because I wanted to know what type(s) of strings came stock on my EDB605 as I was having trouble finding strings to fit the bridge slot for the 5th string. It may or may not have been a silly question, but it was a well written email and I was very disapointed to have never received any type of response.
  4. Carvin sent my pimped-out bass to me way earlier than 3 different people at Carvin told me it would arrive. Consequently, I got home to try it out long after their 10-day trial period expired....(it was right at Christmas time).

    As time went on, the G string sounded nastier and nastier. In August of that year, they took it in to their repair shop TWICE at their expense. On the second try, they decided there was a flaw within the wood.

    The VP of sales offered me a replacement if I could wait a month. I refused so they told me to write to their board of directors and they would take it up at their monthly meeting.

    As a result, they gave me a full refund which I gladly applied towards a Lakland 55-02.

    A lot of hassle, but still, pretty decent of Carvin.