SOLD Customized Fender MP Starcaster Hollow Body Fretless in Medium 32" Scale

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    $600.00 firm with free shipping lower conus and gig bag. (Cat NOT included)

    I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so I created it. I had owned a Jack Casady model bass, and wanted a guitar with more possibilities with the following specs:

    32" Medium Scale Neck
    Hollow Body
    Wide Range Humbucking Pickups

    I started with a Lowe custom replacement neck (tiltback) and a Fender Modern Player Starcaster body.
    Hand-wound Santell "wide range" humbucker pickups were ordered and custom made pickup rings were made to accommodate the new design. Because of the arch top and need to relocate the bridge for medium scale, I sourced a two-piece bridge. I recently strung it with TI flats. It has never left the house.
    Since I am not a pro, I had the whole works shipped off and wired and assembled by a professional luthier "Haywire". To dress it up I asked him to add a decal and I put on Vintage Fender knobs.

    Sounds awesome and massive tone capabilities. These necks alone are now going for my asking price of the whole package! Comes shipped free conus
    I had a request for soundclips:

    The A/B/C are both pickups/ neck pickup /bridge pickup. I plugged the bass directly into an M Audio small device, then through whatever stock soundcard is on my computer recorded with Sony Acid.

    IMG_0753.JPG with gig bag.
    Weight is 9 lbs on bathroom scale.

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    I have one of those Sentell Widerange replacements in a bass and they sound great!
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    Do you still have the original pickups ? DM me if your selling them.
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    Mar 9, 2011
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    I bought the body without pickups from Stratosphere.
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