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  1. Horribly Hard decision, I over spent and knew it. I am looking for money (paypaled), all prices include shipping for the CONUS. I will ship to other places but the price of the pedal increases by the difference between domestic and abroad shipping.
    I'll end up buying most of these again later anyways...

    [DEL]Pigtronix Mothership UGH, this is a really cool synth pedal. It has a ton of features, it tracks well and IT SOUNDS GREAT! So why am I selling it...I just bought an engagement ring and I think I am going to hold onto my Moog stuff. I am really iffy about selling this pedal. The tracking RIng Mod is an awesome feature. 2 wave shapes (square and triangle), the sub switch (oct down) and clean blend give you lots of sound options. The ring mod and sub are foot switchable so you can add and take away voices to build parts. The Glide is pretty dope, you can do Dr. Dre synths with that on.
    So get this $500 pedal for $300 paypaled, shipped in the CONUS.
    I have the box and directions for this.
    [DEL]Eventide ModFactor Really an amazing pedal if you spend some time with it. So many ways to control the modulation (LFOs, envelopes, ADSR). Every parameter is expression controllable. Midi control of the pedal is an option. You can make a 100 of your own patches. Super quality Eventide construction and support.
    $275 shipped in the CONUS I have the box and everything for this pedal.
    [DEL]Moog MoogerFooger FreqBox Turns your bass signal into an oscillator. $ wave forms and all in between waveforms. This Pedal has an envelope and frequency modulation. You can mix in your clean tone if you want. The pedal can do really awesome fuzz tones, running into a low pass filter (Xero below ;)) gets the synthiness going HARD. I have other MoogerFoogers and will be finding another one of these in about 2 months when I have a bit of pedal money again. $235 shipped in the CONUSOn Hold while I figure overseas shipping
    [DEL]Iron Ether Xerograph Deluxe The penultimate Filter for BIG SWEEPS. I Love this Filter for big expression pedal sweeps. Also the envelope can do up and down sweeps, 2 or 4 pole, lots of resonance if you desire. Really an amazing pedal.
    $180 shipped in the CONUS[/DEL]

    [DEL]Iron Ether Frantabit You know it, rad bit crushing/ sample rate reducer. This is one of my newer pedals, so I haven't made it crucial to my set-up yet. Lots of fun resides in this little feller!
    $165 paypaled, shipped in the CONUS[/DEL]

    Boss Slicer MINT...this pedal is so groovy. It has 50 different patterns, a filter that controls the attack and release essential. 20 of the patterns add sort of an arpeggio to the pattern. Also a simple looper in the pedal. This pedal is easy to use, yet has a lot of vaiety in sound and use. A keyboard sounds sweet ran through it, I was running my bass through a MarkBass SuperSynth into this and it just makes Dance or Electronica music happen instantly. There is a seperte volume control for the effected volume and clean volume. Also the pedal has tap tempo. I have the instructions for the pedal (don't really need them though). I'll have to look for the box.
    $145 shipped in the CONUS, I take Paypal

    MXR M108- 10 band Graphic EQ pedal. Another workhorse pedal. This is the original 18v version of the pedal, it comes with a power supply. The pedal has Volume and Gain as well as the EQ bands (it can do some nice boost/OD), This pedal is POWERFUL.
    In near mint condition, velcro on the bottom.
    $75 paypaled shipped in the CONUS

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  3. Awaiting payment for Xero DLX
  4. FYI
    I am going out of town this weekend to work, so If you buy in the next hour and a half, I can ship. Otherwise I will ship on Monday.
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  6. Thanks Homie!

    Modfactor sold
  7. sprag


    Sep 15, 2011
    Melb Australia
    pm'd for Freqbox
  8. Oh man...the MXR eq is tempting right now...
  9. Durden26

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    Bump for my old 10 band eq. If you need some secret sauce... Its right here.
  10. FreqBox is gone

    That 10 band is the JAM!!!
  11. PM sent for the Mothership!
  12. Mothership may be leaving.
    I am back home and I am shipping stuff out tomorrow.
  13. Bump.
    Thinking about closing the thread and starting another that has the slicer and EQ in the title.

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