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Czech Bass, 3/4 flatback

Discussion in 'DB Classifieds Archive' started by hotdbass, Jun 5, 2004.

  1. I have a 100 year Czech Flatback for sale. I recently had John at the World of Strings install a new ebony fingerboard, cut a new bridge,and install sound post and endpin. The bass is currently set up with Obilgato strings,and I will also throw in a slightly used set of Helicore, Hybrid mediums.The bass also comes with a padded Mooradian bag. This bass has a really wonderful sound and very easy to play in both jazz and classical idioms.

    Sorry, I dont have a digital camera so that I can include picture attachments.My hope is that someone from the San Diego/Orange County/LA? area might be looking for a good bass and we can arrange for a "test drive" . I also have a small polytone amp mini -brute one that I will sell for $200.

    Send a private message if you are interested!
  2. junglebike


    Feb 14, 2003
    San Diego, CA

    Are you Don? If so, I bought a bass from you about a year ago (German A. Scherter), and played that czech bass! It was fantastic, and I probably can't afford it -- how much are you asking?

    I'll PM you off board, but thought I'd vouch for the bass and its owner. Both are very nice.


    P.S. Very much enjoying the Scherter bass -- just played a great cocktail gig for UCSD med school graduation this evening with it.
  3. Hi, Pete: It's me, Don. I gave you a great deal Anton Shuster Bass and I heard from Jeff at Lemur that he set it up for you and it plays well. Glad its' working for you. And yes, it's the Czech bass you played when you came up to buy the Schuster. Thanks for the endorsement!

    I'm asking $6,500 for the bass, firm and it's worth every penny, BTW it aslo comes with Realist. Maybe you can afford it, just sell your car and ride a bike to work! Send me an email or drop bysometime, the bass is the logical next step up for you. I just keep taking my Pollmann out and just play the Czech ever so often.