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Czech Dean Upgraded 5 and Fender Jazz 24 5

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by nonfatmatt, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. Ok, I've got two basses. I need to sell one of them, and I can't decide so basically whoever wants what gets it.

    The first is a Czech Dean Edge 5 with upgraded electronics. I took out the EMG-HZs and put in Basslines SSB-5s and a 3 band Basslines preamp, so about $300 worth of electronics. These were made in the same factory as the Euro Spectors, so it feels and sounds very Spectorish without the Spector. It still has a curved body unlike the current Korean Deans (I think) and is definitely a pro instrument. One or two small dings here and there but nothing that shows in the picture, excellent condition. Alder body, flame maple cap, wenge fretboard on a multi-piece maple neck. 35" scale, 17mm spacing. I'd like to see $550 shipped.

    http://s427.photobucket.com/albums/pp355/nonfatmatt/yamaha/peavey5/ (I know the URL looks weird)

    The second is a Fender Jazz 24-5. It has Basslines pickups in it along with pretty much the same EQ as the standard 3 band Duncan. It sounds like a Jazz on steroids basically. This one has a flat matte black finish on it. 34" scale, wider spacing (probably 18mm? feels like the regular Jazz-5 neck). Made in Korea. I'd put the workmanship somewhat above the MiM Fenders. Also has hipshot licensed tuners on it. These seem to go for 500-600 used so I'll say $500 shipped.
    No trades please, I'm using this money to fund school.
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  4. Bumping this up. The Dean is still here. I'm considering letting it go for $450 plus shipping to get it out of here. Also will consider trades for a Yamaha BB-415 + cash.
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