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  1. Today @ 7:am my dad arrived on his sector of Omaha Beach Normandy as part of “Big Red 1” First Infantry.

    He was the only surviving BAR man in the initial invasion .

    Although he received (2) Purple Heart medals and Bronze Star he was always returned to the front to fight all the way to Berlin .

    He passed away in 1986.....

    Just wanted to say Thanks Dad!
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    Much gratitude and respect to your father for his service! Part of a very special generation that I don't know that we'll see one like again. They answered the call, and made it possible for us to enjoy the lives we have today. I can waste a few minutes here because of men like him. ;)

    On a side note... He was the BAR man? That was one vital piece of hardware that day based on the things I've heard and read.
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  3. Thanks Bassguy61 !

    Yes BAR Team Leader which is why although he received (2) “ Go Home” wounds : Sniper to left arm and later machine gun to right leg. Leg was saved; patched up and returned to Front.

    You could always see shadows of shrapnel embedded in his back too.

    He entered as a tea totaller and returned drinking cussing and smoking

    Somewhere I have his steel plated bible
    .. with a nice “ dent “ in it.

    Although afterward he wasn’t much for attending church; he taught me while we were fishing that we we were still in the Almighty's presence !

    I have his Kbar knife which cleaned many fish in my youth
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  4. I knew a man that had been a BAR man in the Pacific in WWII. He said when they got supplies he would get as much ammo as he thought he could carry and then get a little more.
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  5. Didn’t know until years after his death that when enemy was award of BAR that All Fire was directed toward him ...

    Funny... and thankfully he Never taught me hate ....
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    I can imagine... That BAR was one one of the few individual weapons that could really "reach out and touch someone". I surely would not have wanted to be on the wrong end of that barrel.

    Kudos to your dad for being able to go through all that and not letting anger/hate take root!!
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  7. Fast forward 2021

    D-Day 2021

    not a word mentioned on network news

    Sad state of affairs when D-Day doesn’t get a news mention

    OUR Flag is hung….
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