D-tuner for other than top string

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  1. I've tried searching on this and haven't found anything.

    Does anyone know of any d-tuner that's available that could be used on a string that isn't the top string (specifically for the E string on a 6 tuned BEADGC)?

    I have a d-tuner on the B already, but it seems apparent in looking at it that the same setup won't fit into the E string position.

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    Good question! When I read this, I had a thought, hrm, put one on every string of my 5er, so I can drop down a full step on every string by flicking 5 switches :p. What fun that'd be! I also though it'd be cool to do it inverted. have it when it's on the "lower" tuning actually be standard, then when you flip it, it goes up a step...dunno about that one though.

    Well, this was a useless post, but meh, I'm interested too.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, I believe that Michael Manring uses multiple d-tuners on his bass. There must be some photos somewhere of his axes. Perhaps try asking in his forum. Dunno.
  4. Hipshot makes a D-tuner with a raised lever for just such a purpose. As long as the adjacent tuner (on the other side of the headstock) isn't too close, it's a quick swap. On my GT-5 it was tougher. I needed to shave some material off the D-tuner and also the tuner on the opposite end of the headstock. After I shaved the material, I smooth sanded the rough work with higher and higher grit sandpaper, then repainted the alterations with a thinned black lacquer. I also had to swap out the original large-headed tuning screw with a simple Allen head. They are much smaller at the head. Unless you look *really* close, everything looks great. Can hardly notice.
  5. GSG,

    Check out Bob Sperzel's D-Thing detuners. You could probably put one on EVERY string. :)


    Their tuners are phenomenal. I highly suggest that you check them out. Call up Bob. He's a real treat to talk to. :)

    Jay Terrien
  6. I saw these on the net, but no pics of them installed. They looked like they might work out. One on every string... while expensive, that might be a pretty good setup. I guess I'll have get in touch with Bob.

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    I did it with standard hipshots on an old Ibanez 4 string. Had a split (2+2) headstock that had major spacing between the machineheads. I bought the bass for the headstock size alone, cuz that is what I wanted to do with it. Worked great.
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    I believe that the "Zon Michael Manring Signature Hyperbass" (as he's required to call it at SWR clinics) has one on all four strings.

    If you ever get a chance to see Michael in concert or at a clinic, by all means go. It's quite entertaining to watch him put the Hyperbass through its paces...