D-tuners on Cirrus

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  1. Hi,
    I play in a band where me and my brother write all the songs. He plays the guitar and keeps writing drop-D songs all the time and I often write regular tuned songs so I'm a bit interested in a Hipshot D-tuner.
    Will it fit on my 4-string Peavey Cirrus?
  2. Prague77


    Aug 20, 2001
    Waco, TX
    yes in fact i have seem some peaveys that come with d-tuners stock.
  3. Yup. I don't have a cirrus in front of me (but I wish I did...'nother story) but it'll prolly be this one[​IMG]

    I think the peavey C's use a GB7 clone, so it'll prolly be a direct drop in. I've seen some millenium pluses with the D-tuners.

    Hipshot Website
  4. PhatBasstard

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    Feb 3, 2002
    Las Vegas, NV.
    I've recently acquired a Cirrus 6 (used/via BassGear.com) and I need a D-tuner (I use a low A sometimes) but my old Schaller one (from my Spector) doesn't quite match. There is no Peavey dealer in Las Vegas at present. Does anyone know where I good get one by mail?

    Also, Even though the neck is almost perfectly straight (almost no relief) I had to do some modifications to the C-string saddle (metal grinder) to get it to go down far enough for low enough action in the higher positions. Everything is great now but I was surprised I had to do this. Has anyone else out there had a similar problem with their Cirrus?
  5. Do they only come in silver or are there gold tuners to?