D'Addario Chromes Balanced Tension

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I was wondering if anyone knows if D'Addario intends to release the balanced tension set of Chromes.

    I just put a set of EXL170BT roundwounds (45-60-80-107) on my Jazz and I absolutely love them, I always felt that the E string was too floppy and the D string far too stiff in the standard EXL170 set (45-65-80-100), the balanced tension set really solved this problem for me.

    If I ever saw a set of ECB81BT in a store, I would put them on my Precision and my search for my preferred strings would finally be over... :)
  2. I too just put on a set EXL170BT's on my Fender Jazz and join in on the love fest for this stringset. :hyper:

    I have GHS Precision Flats on my Fender Precision, but if D'Addario were to come out with a set of balanced tension Chromes, I would most definitely try a set. :cool:
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    You could always order them as singles from Bassstringsonline.com to get what you want.
  4. Thank you guys, I'll check the shipping prices on Bassstringsonline.com, if it isn't too expensive to order just 4 strings from the States and fly them over the pond (I am from Slovenia), I will order my 45-60-80-105 set of Chromes.
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    Nov 27, 2011
    Chromes have some tension, youi may want to go lighter. I normally play 45-105 rounds. My flats are 40-100. I'd talk to Jason at basstringsonline.

  6. Ordering one set? Naw, hardly worth it.

    Snoop around the website, you might find it's time for some experimenting :smug:
  7. My P is currently wearing the superlight chromes ECB80 (40-60-75-95) because I was worried about the supposed higher tension of the chromes, but I realized that this set is too light for me. If we compare a few gauges of the EXL nickel roundwounds with Chromes, there's not a lot of difference:

    45: EXL 42.8 lbs, Chromes 45.7 lbs

    60: EXL 42.9 lbs, Chromes 45.2 lbs

    80: EXL 42.0 lbs, Chromes 43.7 lbs

    105: EXL 40.3 lbs, Chromes 41.5 lbs

    A really balanced set of Chromes would actually be 45-60-81-108 judging by the D'Addario tension chart.
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    The ECB84 set from D'addario comes rather close to equal tension. I'm using 45, 60, 80, 105 Ernie Ball flatwounds on my G&L. They feel, sound and play just like Chromes and I can order them locally as singles. My Ibby is strung with 60, 80, 105 and 130 in BEAD, also EB singles.
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    chromes are balanced stiff stiff stiff and stiff
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    That's the way aha aha I like it... :hyper:
  11. The ECB84 set is too heavy in the middle (the same problem that affects also the 45-65-85-105 sets):

    40 G: 37.6 lbs

    60 D: 45.2 lbs

    80 A: 43.7 lbs

    100 E: 38.4 lbs

    I still can't believe how much cheaper things are in USA, from musical instruments to computers and in this case, strings. A 4-string set of Chromes costs €35 in Slovenia, that's $48.
    A set of 4 single Chromes from Bassstringsonline comes $30 + $12 international shipping = $42, still cheaper than buying strings in Ljubljana, that's ridiculous... :)
  12. Here's something of a progressive-tension set

    45 G: 45.7

    60 D: 45.2

    80 A: 43.7

    100 E: 43.2

    For you light-gauge fans (also the only way to get balanced-tension 5-string Chromes):

    40 G: 37.6

    55 D: 36.6

    75 A: 36.4

    95 E: 35.2

    132 B: 35.9

    I think the 5-string set may be on my short list of string sets in the future.
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    Check the tension on that .100 E again.
    I think a .100 E is 38.4
    a .100 F is 43.2