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Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by basss, Aug 14, 2004.

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    Aug 27, 2001
    I've had these on my bass for about a month now and thought I'd post a review since I haven't found much talk about them around here. They are basically XL's with a coating on the outer wrap which is supposed to make them last longer (we'll see about that- so far so good). I got a set of the 165's. I'm pretty finicky about tension so I replaced the D string with a .060 and bought a .130 B for my 5'er (USA Custom guitars P5). This made for a nice balanced med tension set. The coating gives these strings a sort of ruberized feel which sounds wierd but actually feels quite nice. It makes for a softer and at the same time less greasy feel.

    I would describe the sound of these strings as smooth and midrangy with an attenuated high end. They replaced a set of DR Sunbeams. The DR's seemed to have a more scooped sound with extended lows and highs. This gave the lower strings a nice openness but the D and G strings had too much of that metallic ping in the high end for my taste - even after a few weeks of regular playing (the bass is naturally bright and deep with somewhat scooped mids). The EXP's have a sort of compressed sound in the low and high end (while still have plenty of each) which works well with this bass. I think the coating they put on these strings naturally atenuates some of the high end.

    I also compared the EXPs to an moderately used set of TI powerbass strings. The power bass had more of a nasaly midrange that would work well for rock. The EXPs were a lot smoother with a much less aggressive high end.

    If you are looking to tame an overly bright bass and/or need some more mids in your sound these string are worth checking out. I would like to hear what anyone else has to say about these strings.
  2. Thanks for the review basss. Haven't tried the EXP's but XL's are fine strings.